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21st century elegance
21st century elegance… a personal choice.

This is public seating in a tiny parkette between two tall buildings. Furniture has to be functional, durable and too heavy to carry away. I think the designer achieved these goals and a measure of elegance as well.

And here’s my little story (fictional of course) of how this elegant seating came to be:

The Chair

The company had won the contract, and now Christopher could feel the pressure bearing down. He had to come up with an elegant design for public furniture for the new park. It had to be durable, too heavy to steal, and at the same time elegant. He had already submitted a design for iron furniture, but it had been rejected because of the maintenance costs of continual repainting.

Christopher paced his generous senior designer’s office, and then wandered outside to pace up and down between the drafting boards of the junior designers. The juniors were each at work, drafting details for the big park job. But Christopher hardly noticed them, so agonized was his mind with the frustrating dead end it had reached.

Not all of the juniors were hard at work, however. One of them… had they said her name was Sara, or Saroya or something like that? She was sitting back in her chair and just seemed to be playing with some shiny thing-a-majig on her drafting table. It looked a bit like a shiny bit of rope, all tangled up. And then Christopher noticed that she picked it up, made a couple of rotating movements with her hands and set the thing down again, its shape completely transformed.

“What is that thing, he asked?” his mind vaguely relieved at any momentary escape from his personal torment.

Plastic Art

“Oh just a plastic art toy,” Sara answered. “I got it at the art gallery. See, it has flexible joints and you can twist it into a whole bunch of different shapes… kind of like modern art.”

“That’s pretty neat,” Christopher said vaguely.  “Wish you could make public furniture out of it.” He wandered on, soon lost again in his personal agony.

An hour later Sara tapped timidly at the door of Christopher’s office. “I heard you, she said,” and I wondered if this would be any help?” She showed him a quick sketch.

Christopher’s eyes bugged out and he slapped his hands to his head. “Of course,” he almost shouted. Heavy-duty stainless steel tubing. And lots of it, so the chair is way too heavy to carry off. And elegant as hell.”

So Christopher kept Sara’s concept drawing and designed the award winning furniture and Sara went back to her drafting table to work on the concrete patio stone layout she had been assigned. “It’s OK, she thought. I just have to keep on coming up with brilliant ideas, and some day, someone will have to give me a real chance.”


2 thoughts on “Elegance21: DailyCreate

  1. Lovely chair and nice work expanding on the story. I failed to find 21st elegance and noted that many others choose objects that were ‘timeless’. You managed to get one that looks at home in this century!

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