GR8KREE8 Trailer: DailyCreate

Always wanted to do this…

This was a daily create challenge for last week (Sept 6) – create a movie trailer for your blog (tdc607). It sounded like a lot of fun and I started thinking about ways and means right away.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, other things intervened. By the time I got started, I knew I wanted outsized comic book style screen graphics and then had to find an iPad app that could do that. Took quite awhile, but I finally found one called Strip Design.

The graphic text was created with green backgrounds so that the chromakey effect could be used. The graphics were then dumped into a PC program, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, along with screen grabs from the this blog and a sound track. The voice-over was recorded with an iPhone. Everything then came together pretty much as originally envisioned.

A final, unpleasant surprise was that while the chromakey effect worked great when playing the movie back in the editing software, it was almost completely lost after export to QuickTime (.mov) format. So to capture the final video for upload I had to use another PC program, BB Fastback to record from the screen while playing the movie back in the editor.

Anyhow, here’s the final result:


6 thoughts on “GR8KREE8 Trailer: DailyCreate

  1. I love the somewhat cheesy element here, which the comic book graphics really fit well. Great idea! If you wanted to, you could play that up even more with some music that evokes a more over-the-top, “advertisey” kindle feel. Not sure exactly what that would be, though, & only if that was the direction you wanted to go in!

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