My Philosophy: DailyCreate

What’s my philosophy?…

I have never really been able to get my head around the province of academic philosophers… a seemingly huge realm of ideas, theories, arguments.

So here’s my own personal definition, short and sweet, 30 seconds or less:

This daily create was supposed to be audio only. But I’m such a visual person, it didn’t seem complete without an accompanying video. This was all done with iMovie on the iPhone, but the image came from an iPad screensaver app. There’s seems to be no way to perform a moving image screen capture on iOs, so I had to play the screensaver on the iPad and photograph the screen using the iPhone.


2 thoughts on “My Philosophy: DailyCreate

  1. Philosophical mumbo jumbo. What is real? I, too, felt naked without a picture. So I changed the SoundCloud profile to match my audio clip. I was also trying to get a screensaver image for another tdc and am glad that you offered such a simple solution. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice work bringing philosophy more into everyday life–this makes complete sense to me! I’m one of those academic philosophers, and often I am unsure what we do as well. Before I saw the “30 seconds or less” requirement, I did a test recording of what I think philosophy is, and ended up with over 5 minutes because I have such a hard time defining my own field! Better to just focus in on how it works in one’s own life.

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