Post”Secret”: VisAssign

My secret wish…

Assignment #804: “Write on a “post-it” (haha, get it. “Post” secret.) your biggest dream in life. What are you going to school to accomplish? Who would you like to meet? What is your dream job? Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be a “secret”! Tell the whole internet world! After you take the picture, upload it to flickr and make sure to include the tags!”

I cheated here, I’m afraid, and did the whole thing as a drawing, using Sketchbook Pro on an iPad.

As to the wish.. I always seem to hear about people who say they don’t want to live forever. But I wouldn’t mind it. The world is so fascinating, with new and completely unanticipated things happening every day. Life is endlessly entertaining. I just want to see how it all turns out.


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