Beginning/End Times
12 photos, one spot…

The photoblitz assignment was quite a new experience. The most challenging aspect for me personally was photographing continuously for 15 minutes in a public place. My habit in public areas has been to snap and wander on, as I have found that anyone who appears to be doing anything other than taking tourist mementos quickly attracts attention.

And indeed, that was my experience this time as well. I chose a gas station at the corner of a busy intersection, mostly because the overhead ‘port’ ceiling allowed me to work in the shade so I could easily see the camera’s view screen. Sure enough, after working in this location for about 10 minutes the proprietor came out and asked me not to take pictures as the “customers don’t like it.” So I moved along to the sidewalk to finish the assignment.

The camera used for this work was a Canon SX200IS point-and-shoot, because I knew that to satisfy the varied project requirements I was going to need the telephoto capability of its 12x zoom lens. It was a bright sunny day, and the telephoto worked well. From my vantage point I was able to capture images from all four corners of the intersection. I managed to get 11 of the 12 shots suggested for the assignment. Didn’t have the nerve to ask anyone to photograph their paw.

Of course the 11 images varied greatly in quality, so I’m glad I only had to select my five favorites for sharing.
Complexityhuman emotionsupernaturalyellow dominantAbstract

Here they are again as a FLICKR SLIDESHOW.


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