Palmistry: DailyCreate

Which is the monkey?
A monkey’s uncle?…

Today’s daily create (#629) is: “Create a photo that compares the details in the palm of your hand with someone else’s – bonus points if you can ask someone that you do not know to be in your photo.”

I think I win the bonus points for getting a monkey and nineteenth century artist, Henri Charles Guérard, to cooperate. Guérard palm-printed a monkey with black ink on cream paper, a work now in the public domain (Wikimedia Commons). I photographed my palm with an iPhone and post-processed with PhotoStudio using cropping, contrast boosting and SFX/Bumpmapping 2 and Black&White/Black and White filters. The composite image was made using PhotoCollage on the iPhone.

I think Guérard’s work is too early for the monkey to be my uncle, but you sure couldn’t prove it by comparing palm prints. (Hint: the monkey’s is the smaller one, inset in the lower right corner.)


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